I am interested in the distribution of people and economic activity in space and its relationship with economic development. I am a pluralist when it comes to theory and empirics, as long as space is involved.

I work as Regional Inequalities and Demographic Change Programme Manager at the OECD. I am also an  Honorary Associate at the Geography and Planning Department at the University of Liverpool. For a full list of articles see my Google Scholar page.

On this site you can find resources, useful links and other posts related to my research interests. If you have trouble accessing a link please contact me.


Metropolitan Areas in the world a.k.a GHS-FUA (2020): Globan Human Settlements Functional Urban Areas (free geopackage download)

Journal Publications

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  17. Market access and the heterogeneous effect of shocks on wages: evidence from Chinese cities, 2011. Papers in Regional Science,  90(1): 9-25 (doi: 10.1111/j.1435-5957.2010.00319.x)

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