A visual example of home-based work

This video of the national anthem of Colombia contains good examples of home-based (informal) activities. It depicts a typical afternoon in Santo Domingo, one of Medellin’s poorer neighborhoods. People are involved in different productive activities, such as simple manufacturing and retail selling.

Dense neighborhoods are typically very lively, and many people conduct their occupations near or at their homes. In my current research I am trying to incorporate these features of cities in developing countries in order to understand the link between commuting patterns and job status.

Love is also predictable

Three (cool?) Italian guys have developed a mathematical model for mimicking the love story between Scarlett and Rhett, the main characters of the most popular movie of all times, “Gone with the Wind”. They got a bit carried away and claimed this to be the “first serious modeling application in the field of love dynamics”. Still, the article is very interesting, especially because it shows there is nothing random when it comes to targeting large audiences.